performance & ritual

For decades, Amy Trompetter has been creating an archive of world theater practices, techniques, and traditions. We are working on creating a free use, open to the public site of these texts, videos & pictures. A great boon for artists & a beautiful way to learn more about our neighbors on this planet.

"Theater is a humanly devised sacrament, which connects us, within a public forum and in multiple ways, to our mysterious origins and ultimate destination. The means by which it remains potent in diverse cultures, able to reflect urgent philosophies, conundrums and beliefs, is through ongoing renewal, revolt and reinvention. This is true of comedy and tragedy, Broadway musicals and political puppet theater, the avant-garde and traditional theater, all of which are constantly changing in the now.
The premise of this world theater web environment is to access a broad range of primitive and traditional theaters, sacred and profane, popular and classical, some of which are undergoing accelerated change or extinction due to media driven competition. The broad array of forms and content specific to the various cultures provides a dazzling vocabulary for theater makers today. This World Theater web environment is an invitation and a mutual endeavor by scholars, practitioners, teachers and students, to unearth and examine blatant and subliminal links within ancient and traditional genres. Our mandate as theater-makers is to refresh the popular, contemporary, radical and avant-garde in order to express 21st century complexities and reconnect the visionary experience to our lives in today’s world."