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"Columbus & Papal Bull" -puppet show at the African Roots Center

Please come to our Indigenous Day Celebration at the newly opened Library at the A. J. Williams- Myers African Roots Center. First watch a short puppet show for all ages! Then listen to talk by local author and scholar Paul Bermazhon! Finally participate in a community discussion with refreshments served. Our focus sheds new light on an old story: the mis-labeled ‘discovery’ of a land inhabited for centuries by highly developed civilizations; the permissions to steal the land and to slaughter its peoples; the effect on our lives today; closing discussion about actions open to the residents of Ulster County and United States in the light of our cultural heritage. Free to the public. A. J. Williams-Myers African Roots Center, 43 Gill St. Ponckhockie, Kingston, NY 12401. Sat. Oct. 21 6-8 PM.

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